Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Baker's Dozen and a Sirloin Steak's Worst Nightmare

So, for those of you who were lured into this entry by my incredibly angsty title, I'm sorry that I have misled you.  I have been listening to nothing but Fall Out Boy, Panic At The Disco, and ABBA for the past three hours straight, and thus, I felt inclined to give this post a title with a real edge. 

For those of you who are visiting this site for the first time, thank you for your support.  For those of you who got here by mistake, I believe you were looking for, you stupid neanderpoops.  Anyway, I've been watching lots of Golden Girls today, so I really don't have any problems or qualms with the world.  However, have no fear that if anything comes up, such as injustice or a rather epic bowel movement, I will keep you, my readers, my loyal fans, and my divorce court claim lawyers who are still trying to take back my Subaru, you pooheads, in the loop.

Until next time,


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